I feel old…

    *Sigh* my back is hurting and I don’t have any pills at work, looks like I’ll be onsite in 2 different locations later this week, so I’ve gotta get it back to normal before then.

    On a brighter note: I watched ‘London Boulevard‘ last night – what an awesome film! great casting (Anna Friel FTW) , superb soundtrack, and once again proof that British film-makers make the best gangster movies 🙂

    Saturday is Wales vs England in the Euro 2012 qualifiers…it will be interesting to see how Speed plays Bale for Wales – and how England cope with him.

    EDIT: And now off to Spain April 6th 🙂


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    11 thoughts on “I feel old…

    1. …. I guess that would depend on your definition of “interesting”!!!

      1. in·ter·est·ing
           /ˈɪntərəstɪŋ, -trəstɪŋ, -təˌrɛstɪŋ/ Show Spelled[in-ter-uh-sting, -truh-sting, -tuh-res-ting
        1. engaging or exciting and holding the attention or curiosity: an interesting book.
        2. arousing a feeling of interest: an interesting face.
        3. in an interesting condition, (of a woman) pregnant.

        1705–15; interest + -ing2

        —Related forms
        in·ter·est·ing·ly, adverb
        in·ter·est·ing·ness, noun
        un·in·ter·est·ing, adjective
        un·in·ter·est·ing·ly, adverb

        1. absorbing, entertaining. Interesting, pleasing, gratifying mean satisfying to the mind. Something that is interesting occupies the mind with no connotation of pleasure or displeasure: an interesting account of a battle. Something that is pleasing engages the mind favourably: a pleasing account of the wedding. Something that is gratifying fulfils expectations, requirements, etc.: a gratifying account of his whereabouts; a book gratifying in its detail.

        1. dull.

    2. “1. engaging or exciting and holding the attention or curiosity” … You’ve confirmed it then – when it’s relating to football you can’t use that word!! 🙂
      Cheers darlin’ – who needs to argue my point when you do it for me?!!

      1. 😐

        I’m just gonna go get a burger…

    3. Mid morning burger burp coming up then!! :-s

      1. I so need it (the burger – not the burp)…I’m suffering from lack of meat in my diet…

    4. I could always send you a meatloaf via post, snee…

      1. What a kind offer 🙂

        But after a week or so in the post, even I’d not consider it edible…or are you trying to make me ill?

    5. Be honest – you’ve eaten worse!

      1. Didn’t realise you knew about her…

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