A post from Milan

    Well, Milan is a great place 🙂

    Apart from the amount of McDonald’s around…they’re bleeding EVERYWHERE! (oh, and there’s a Burger King just over the road from the hotel – makes for a great late night snack after serious drinking.

    Which brings me to the price of beer over here – average is 7 euros for a pint (that’s £6 odd). So, after paying this huge sum for a few, we found a supermarket with the intention of buying some vodka, getting pissed on it at the hotel, THEN going out.

    So, we found Polish vodka at 6.49 euros -. did that bottle in about 3 hours prior to going out last nigh (I don’t remember too much actually, just Dennis putting his head into bushes (I tried uploading pics from my phone to Flickr but they don’t seem to be there).

    Went to see the Duomo cathedral today – that is really something, the work that went into building the place is phenomenal, even paid to go up on the roof (you can see the San Siro from there 🙂 )

    Found out that trying to find a restaurant open on a Sunday is almost impossible, but finally found one before I had to give in and goto McDonald’s (close thing though – I was starving).

    Was given a shot by shot report on the Spurs game today – but I’m still happy, it’s only a blip (albeit a blip that’s going on for too long now).

    Off to the San Siro tomorrow for a tour of the place, then eat some more food (I love Italian), perv on the lovely ladies (and oh, they ARE lovely), drink a load more, then off to the airport back home to reality.

    Talking of which, I don’t think we’ve arranged a lift back to town from the airport yet…

    Ciao 🙂

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    One thought on “A post from Milan

    1. The ladies might be lovely now, but wait until they’re 30+. Want proof? Did you see any attractive MILFs? No. Exactly.
      I would offer to come and collect you from the airport, but it’s a tad out my way.

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