A prediction…

    Just realised I’ve not mentioned football in about 10 minutes or so 🙂

    Seems that ‘Arry isn’t really too intrrested in the UEFA cup for Spurs – he’d rather concentrate on the League (right now I agree – we’re back to the bottom of the table after Newcastle beat Villa last night). I can see him fielding practically a reserve team against Dinam Zagreb on Thursday night, resting the key players for the trip to Manchester City on Sunday (then Carling Cup draw against Liverpool on Thursday).

    I can see a flaw in this strategy though – seems the whole squad is VERY upbeat about the new manager, so I can see this ‘reserve’ team playing their hearts out and winning well 🙂

    How did I cope in the football close season?


    The Spurs v Liverpool game resulted in me winning £10 off Darren 🙂 bonus really, I told him before the game: “I only want 2 things from this game: 1) Robbie Keane to be still looking for his first Premiership goal for Liverpool, 2) Reine to lose his clean sheet record.”

    And both happened – Keane was substituted near the end, and of course, we won 2-1 🙂

    When they play well, they play VERY well – Liverpool and Arsenal have seen that this season…

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