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    Only recently a friend told me he’d added me to his Facebook as a friend. This surprised me as I didn’t recall signing up for it.

    I checked and sure enough, I have a Facebook account. So I updated the profile, added a pic etc. and added a couple of friends.

    Then, following my recent experience, I decided I don’t want just about anyone to know what I’m doing, or who I’m talking to/friends with.

    So I just deactivated the account 🙂

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    5 thoughts on “Facebook

    1. bugger. That was the only way I could get you to read your mails!

    2. Oh yeah, and you have email.

    3. I (generally) always answer my emails…not got a connection at home right now though (bloody BT – don’t get me started…)

    4. *chants* Plus Net Plus Net Plus Net

    5. snee always answers mail. It’s the fucking coffee pot he hides!

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