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    With a record (Ha!) of just 2 clean sheets from 18 starts, it seems Gomes’ is no longer the first choice goalkeeper for Spurs. Apparently ‘Arry has recalled Ben Alnwick (aged 21) from his loan spell at wherever.

    This makes me think – just how bad can the reserve keeper (Cesar) actually be? with Blackburn coming to the Lane on Saturday, our old ‘keeper Robinson makes his first visit back – and how he must be grinning. He’s found his form again, and must be laughing his socks off at the hapless Gomes.

    Don’t get me wrong – Gomes has made some stunning saves, but these are overshadowed by the howlers he’s made resulting in Spurs being (once again) in the relegation zone.

    Darren Bent is second in the high scorers table, the whole team is playing with spirit – seems everyone is keen to show ‘Arry just what they can do…except Gomes.

    So, England have a ‘friendly’ against Germany on Wednesday (is there such a thing?) and memories of September 1st, 2001 (10 days before the world went to shit) will be in EVERY England fan out there. Will Bent get a start? will Lennon work his magic? will The Hud stun us with a 30 plus yard strike?

    Anyway, back to Spurs – 3 home games: Blackburn, Everton, then Manchester United. If we can take 7 points from these, we’re back in midtable for Christmas…


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