People you'll see in hell

    So, apparently the complete c*nts who tortured ‘Baby P’ have been named – this site lists them and other subhuman fuckwits.

    Jason Owen
    2 Wittersham Road
    BR1 4RH.

    Tracey Connolly
    Penhurst Road

    Steven Barker
    Penhurst Road

    Previously of Armadale Close, Tottenham, N17 9PL

    And may I be the first to wish them excrutiatingly slow deaths – they deserve no compassion.

    Fuck ’em

    Baby P

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    3 thoughts on “People you'll see in hell

    1. Totally fucking right – fuck them.

    2. WOW.
      Is there a section for people who want to buy tickets to see some of these fuckers burn in hell?
      Can I sit by you snee?

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