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    Yesterday I posted the names and addresses of the scum who are responsible – whether directly or through apathy – for the death of Baby P. When I first found out the details, I did some searching on the internet and found that several websites had done the same. As such, I decided to post.

    The saddest thing about this is I had the most hits I’ve ever had in one day – 129 – and looking at the referral logs, it’s all down to this case.

    When I posted – I’d already decided to myself that it didn’t matter if I got into trouble for what I’d done – I mean, it’s not like I committed a crime – I’m far from perfect, but this whole case has sickened me beyond belief. A few years back, we had the ‘Soham murders’ (Soham is about 50 miles from where I live). I remember at the time being on the phone to a friend and the case was mentioned, we talked about it, and I clearly recall looking out of my window, and with tears in my eyes, telling my friend that I’d give anything to see them walking by my house.

    Anybody who can hurt, whether physically or emotionally, a child does not deserve the right to anonymity – were I to ever be accused of rape or sexual assault, my name would immediately be released, and that would be on my record FOR LIFE regardless of whether I were guilty or not.

    My friends know how I feel about this kind of thing – I’m shaking with anger as I write this with tears pricking my eyes – I’ve been very vocal with my views.

    This blog is my place to rant – usually I try to include something amusing, sometimes it’s about personal stuff, other times it’s about football. I never started this to be political or anarchic – it’s as it says at the top: “Paul’s inane ramblings”. Sometimes however, events take control.

    Thank you everyone who has emailed me regarding my post.

    Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing.

    Apologies for anyone who came here hoping to read something light-hearted – I don’t feel funny at the moment. Normal service will be resumed.

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    3 thoughts on “Freedom of speech

    1. I didn’t email you or comment on that post. I wasn’t familar with the case and didn’t have time to google it. BUT that doesn’t mean that I don’t agree with what you say..anyone that does something to a child, regardless of what the crime is….should pay in every horrible way a person can think of. PERIOD! I commend you for standing up for your rights and I back you 100%. I know you know this, but I wanted it in writing!

    2. I agree that these horrible excuses for human beings deserve no “rights”. Every single right that sweet little angel boy deserved was stolen from him and he was failed continuously. My heart breaks over and over again for Baby P. All he should have known was love and they took that from him. They gave up their rights by being such horrific people and by torturing that innocent baby.

      May God bless you and keep you Baby P. Rest In Peace angel.

    3. Bu’er – all I’ve done is what I usually do – give my opinion. My opinion this time however, is the opinion of every decent person. When you see that angelic, innocent face and read what happened to him, it just makes you wonder what kind of person could do that. All 3 of the people who were responsible should be sterilised (in lieu of the death sentence, it’s the best we could do).

      Sara, your comment is what every decent person (and there’s billions of us) thinks. Thank you for commenting.

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