I hate Edith Bowman

    The Radio 1 DJ.

    She annoys me. Don’t ask me why, she just does.

    As such, if she comes on the radio, I switch to Planet Rock (dunno why I don’t just listen to that all the time anyway…). Some absolute classics have been played in the last few minutes – Layla (with extended solo), now some Guns ‘n’ Roses is blasting out 🙂

    I was feeling sleepy but seem to have woken up now – good music will do that.

    Oh, and (as I write this), I’m just 6 hits from breaking 61,000 :O

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    4 thoughts on “I hate Edith Bowman

    1. 61,000 hits this week?

      Re: Radio 1. Haven’t listened to it for about 16 years. Radio 2 is my station of choice, and even my 14 year old son prefers it over the mindless self promotion of Radio 1.

    2. No, no, no. 61,000 hits since I started in March 2006 – averages out at about 63 hits a day (unique hits – not pageloads, and I block my home and work IP ranges so they don’t register).

      I always used to listen to Radio 2, but my mid-life crisis demands dance music of all things, of which there is not a lot on Radio 2.

    3. Congrats on 61,000!!! Everyone wants to be a monkey!!! 🙂

    4. Just checked my counter, and I’m on 61,064 hits. And I set that up to be from unique IP addresses, so not too bad. But when you consider that’s over 5 years, it suddenly doesn’t look so good.

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