It should be legal…

    To kill anyone wearing those stupid santa hats.

    Seriously, we could turn it into a game – 5 points for a housebrick between the eyes, 10 for catching them with a vehicle etc., etc.

    Ok, maybe that’s a little excessive (but I don’t think so), but sheep are dumb animals…and the morons who wear the silly things are just as, if not, dumber.


    Spurs held Man Utd. to a draw on Saturday and moved up to 14th in the league until Newcastle went above us on goal difference. Never mind, we’ve taken points off the ‘top 4’ now – COYS!

    EDIT: The beard’s looking pretty impressive now – got to be 3, nearly 4 weeks worth now…and I’m not allowed to shave or trim until the New Year. It’s itchy as fuck, but taking a pint off Andy will make it all worth it.

    Amusingly, someone told me last night that I looked about 30 with the beard 🙂

    I’ll get a picture later…

    EDIT: Here’s a pic – I took it myself so it’s not very good…


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    1. Looking younger with a beard. Can’t wait for menopause to hit, then!

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