Snow! snow! snow!

    So we got about 2″ overnight (shut up at the back) – prepare for England to grind to a standstill.

    What a weekend that was…I’m kind of glad it’s over to be honest (old age creeping in? uh huh).

    But I must tell about the roadkill pasta combo…

    So, there I was, in the Tudor last night. Dennis’ other half brought him some dinner down – some pasta thingy with meat (Jamie Oliver can rest easy – I’ll never be a chef). While Dennis was tucking in, someone came to the bar for a drink and asked him what he was eating.

    Ever helpful, I jumped in with “It’s squirrel.”

    How I managed to keep a straight face while the persons face went through all kinds of emotions – disgust, curiosity, then back to disgust.

    I followed it up with “Yup, I saw Ewa in the park earlier – think she ended up scraping it off the road though…”

    I don’y know why people bother listening to me really – I mean, don’t they know the word ‘gullible’ isn’t in the dictionary?

    I’m tired and want to go back to bed.

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