Cold weather is no fun…

    …Especially when you DON’T get ‘snow days’ off work, AND there’s no heater in the car.

    Poor me (send sympathy to my email address, it’ll make a change from viagra alternatives and Nigerian 419 scams…).

    I’m just not used to shaving anymore. It’s because I had the bet with Andy before xmas that I couldn’t go until the end of the year without shaving. 3 weeks later, I was itchy, but happily covered in facial fuzz (very warm too). I shaved it all off, then grew another beard, then shaved that off…now I have another beard.

    I honestly forget to shave – I actually meant to last night, but was side tracked by a computer I’ve got to sort out. It’s a HUGE Alienware gaming machine that apparently bluescreens a lot.

    I say apparently, because I have no cable to hook it to my monitor at the moment – have to pick one up later. All I’ve done so far is open it up, marvel at the hardware, and clean out all the dust.

    Well, time for a coffee and back to work…

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    1. I would email you, but you never reply, so I don’t bother anymore.

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