Back to normal

    After a glorious week, it’s so difficult to get back into the work routine.

    Uploaded so many pics from Morocco to Flikr, have to check the videos I took now and get them on YouTube 😛

    Moroccan food is so good 🙂 hard to find beer really (but that was a mission we succeeded in!), tried the Moroccan ‘chocolate’ ;)…wow – totally wiped out from that :).

    We managed to get lost twice (at least) – first night we took a taxi into the Medina, wandered about and had to get a taxi back to the hotel ‘cos we couldn’t find the 22km long, 25 foot high city wall 😐 then, when we were staying at a riad in the Medina, we went into the new part of the city and couldn’t find the bloody wall again! (in my defence though, my ‘spider sense’ was taking us the right sort of direction, and I practised my French – which was surprisingly good – getting directions).

    The camel trek was great – we got to see loads of different countryside, mountains, gorges, donkeys, camels, cows, sheep, goats, people…and food! 🙂

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    0 thoughts on “Back to normal

    1. I should take a vacation once I get healthy.

      1. Yes you should. I’m off to Prague in September – wanna come?

    2. What are you kidding? Do you promise not to take blurry pictures of me, because you have some fuzzy looking friends?

    3. Oh UpSeptember, I can’t do ANYTHING in UpSeptember except see my girl on her 18th birthday.

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