I've not blogged much recently…

    But in my defence, I’ve been busy πŸ™‚

    Busy getting back into the whole work routine after my holiday (I DID mention I went to Morocco didn’t I?), and busy seeing the Significant Other (Henceforth known as ‘SO’).

    Yes, it’s true – I am officially no longer single πŸ™‚

    Anyway, back to bloggy stuff:

    Morocco was awesome – we went just about the right time of year, temperature was 29-31 every day so not too hot. The people there are amazing – it’s so good to see different cultures (and I don’t mean leaving a dinner plate under your bed for 3 weeks).

    Camel riding is something I’ve done now – and I got the grumpiest camel EVER! (100% fact) – when we stopped for a rest, all the others just sat there quietly – mine had to have it’s legs tied 😐 bastard tried throwing me twice too!

    Having said that, it was VERY surreal sending and receiving text messages from the back of a camel (yes, I did turn off my ‘Catchphrase’ SMS tone – didn’t want to annoy the camel any more than I obviously already was…). The sunset and sunrise in the desert was pretty spectacular, but nothing will compare to the night sky out there – so clear and so many stars. Couldn’t get a picture of it, but the image is clear as you like in my head πŸ™‚

    After 3 days of peace and solitude in the desert and mountains, we were dropped back into the centre of Marrakech at about 8pm – the 3 of us stood there like startled rabbits, all the traffic and people, and the smell of exhaust fumes…

    Couldn’t find the Riad we were staying in, so ended up paying some guy with a cart 20 Diarhams to carry our bags there. Beautiful place though – buried down a maze of alleyways – check it out here.

    Managed to bring back a piece of Moroccan ‘chocolate’ and was sitting at home working on a computer having just rolled one, when Harriett turned up. Now I had the munchies, so had opened a bar of chocolate to munch on. Told Harriett to help herself if she wanted some, and jokingly added “Or try the Moroccan chocolate beside it…”

    Next thing I know she’s saying “It doesn’t taste much like chocolate…” Cue both me and Dennis staring open mouthed then giggling “You ate some?”

    Harriett nodded and we both collapsed on the floor laughing like mad things…

    Bless her.

    Of course, it took 3 days before my cat would even look at me when I got back – such a sulker…

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    1. Thanks for blogging! Sounds like an awesome time..I’m assuming Moroccan β€˜chocolate’ is not really chocolate, but what does it look like? You’ll have to tell me about your ‘SO’! I haven’t had a chance to look at your pictures yet, but I will now!

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