This is the post that sends the poo to the bottom of the page…

    So. Yesterday I took the day off to finish collecting free paving slabs (3 trips, multiple scrapes on my arms, about 5 gallons of sweat and they’re in my garden, mocking me), and rip up the old patio ready to redo it all.

    And then I find out whoever laid the previous one used FUCKING GREAT LUMPS OF CEMENT on every fucking slab to keep them in place. So, at this point I’ve recovered some 30 slabs, got about 20 new ones, still have to dig out about 1/2 tonne of shitty old cement and get rid of that before I can even start thinking about laying the slabs (and I have to stop the cat shitting in the sand all this time).

    And so, all I can do is set myself targets each day – I’m hoping to get the most of the crap dug out this evening, and may have some unwilling help to dig the rest out in lieu of money owed to me 😀

    And so, here I sit at work, a sketch on the computer trying to figure out how the slabs will fit – it’s a huge (and heavy) jigsaw puzzle…

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    1. Thank you for finally flushing.

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