Eeew…just eeew…

    Quiet moment at work, so I’m re-reading some of B3ta’s QOTW answers. Then I came across this one:

    A long, long time ago I was living and working in London. Whilst visiting some friends from home we used to regularly wonder about the mysterious moving duvet that lived in my friends squalid but sunny squat.

    Every day when she would leave the house her duvet was on her bed but every night she got home it had moved half way across the floor. All rational explanations for this were ruled out. It being a rather temporary squat for young Irish students not much was really thought about it I suppose. This particular duvets origins were unknown. Nobody knew who bought it or how long it had been there or indeed when or how it had appeared and indeed apart from its rambling nature and some curious staining not much was thought of it – I mean it was a dirty squat anyway.

    It came to pass that some overly curious individual decided to investigate further and found out something which nearly 20 years later still makes my stomach flip. The duvet in question was one enormous breeding ground for some type of bug. The bugs used to follow the sun around the room and so the sheer volume of bugs was able to physically move the duvet across the room following the path of the sun.

    The poor individual who used to sleep with this fetid blanket of bugs was later to remark that no other duvet would ever be the same as the bugs predilection for warmth meant that whilst sleeping the duvet “used to hug her back” was the way she put it.

    And there you have it – women = dirty, dirty creatures (well, you’d never catch me putting a cock in MY mouth).

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    0 thoughts on “Eeew…just eeew…

    1. GOOD! All the more for us dirty, dirty creatures.
      Although I have to say…not all cocks are equal and I am really picky about which ones make it.
      Having said that, I have a new phone and my carrier was unable to port any of my old numbers over. Toss me your number in an e-mail or I’ll dig later for my old phone and see if it powers up.

    2. Spooky…I’m looking at getting a new phone just this minute – the Nokia N97 (looks sooooo sexy)

    3. I like my blackberry. The only thing I hate about it is all the pocket and butt dialing I do.
      I owe people in the A and T category severe apologies.

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