Almost a week…

    Since I got my new phone 🙂

    Didn’t I mention it?

    Well, I’ve now got this bad boy:

    Pretty cool eh?

    I used to have a phone with the slide out keyboard before – the HTC something-or-other and that wasn’t really much good. This phone however is the dog’s nuts 🙂

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    0 thoughts on “Almost a week…

    1. Ummmmmmm…
      The damn phone is in the way of your hand.
      You did that on purpose didn’t you?

    2. That’s not my hand…it’s a pic from t’interwebs.

      Although I feel a picture moment coming along now…

    3. Well, Duh, I can see that…
      I’m just pointing out how simply thoughtless you can be sometimes snee. I mean really…I post FULL PINTS for you, I reserve the spilled ones for shitty events to depict the agony of something gone wrong.
      I mean really you could have found a pic of the phone with a more prominent hand placing. It could have been doing that Price is Right “product display wave” above the phone. Jeeeez.
      Now I’m all Butt-hurt.
      Can I buy you several pints? **wicked grin**

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