Scared of the dark?

    Just read a webpage during lunch and it reminded me of something, so I’ll just jot it down for y’all (I’ve probably mentioned it before, but it’s quite honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen).

    When I was in Morocco earlier this year (don’t think I’ve mentioned I went to Morocco have I?), we all went on a 3 day trek into the desert. While in the camp, I was caught short in the night so wandered out of camp to relieve my bladder.

    While peeing, I happened to look up, and was totally amazed – I mean, close to tears amazed – by the amount of stars. Obviously, in the desert, there’s no light pollution, so the sky was TOTALLY filled with twinkling stars.

    For something like 15 minutes, I stood there, mouth agape, with my head back just staring – it was beautiful (I’ve actually got a lump in my throat thinking back to it). Living in towns you just get used to seeing the odd few stars of a night, but this was like a black blanket with millions of shining dots.

    Of course, after a while, I came round, realised I was in the middle of a desert where anything could be lurking 10 feet away from me…and I still had my cock out.

    So I zipped up, and hurried back to camp.

    I don’t think I’ll ever see something that will affect me the same way again though* – and I guarantee everyone would say the same.

    The next morning, I mentioned it to Dennis who said “I did the same.”

    To sum it all up: “Sometimes you have to be go into the dark to see the light.”

    No funneh today – just sharing one of those moments with you 🙂

    * No, I’m NOT referring to my cock here.

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    1. So, Dennis was out there standing doing the same? You sure it was stars you both were looking at? ok joking aside, it is a beautiful site, isnt’ it? One of the benefits living in the mountains and away from bigger cities – I’ve had many nights just staring in to the sky gazing at all the stars. Nice blog snee. (nice pic below too!)

    2. Thank you – thought I’d change the old one seeing as it’s 2 years old now. The new(er) one was taken in Morocco actually, so it’s only a few months old

    3. I tried that in the Arizona high dessert at ten thousand feet. Yeah it’s amazing, you can reach out and touch them, sorta like your…ooops gotta run!

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