Same ol', same ol'

    So, I’m here at work – got lots to do, so I’m quietly busy, just me and Planet Rock. Got to lunchtime and as it’s pretty warm (25 degrees – woo!), I shot off to Tesco for a cold drink.

    Got back, finished my lunch (with frequent breaks to talk to Dennis on the phone – he’s got a computer problem), and got back into what I was doing when Corina piped up with:

    “Can you call Christophe at DHL in Belgium – he wants a price for a wheel change jack.” – that’s it, no details of what plane it’s for or anything. So, prior to calling him, I rack my braincell and remember DHL use B757s, so a quick scan of the jacking data and I’m all set to sound like I know what I’m talking about when I call him.

    And so, I save all the files open on my desktop just in case the power goes or something, clear my desk and grab a piece of paper and new pen (Tim was over earlier and nicked mine, the bastard – I’ll get him back for that later…), and phone the number.

    “Hi Cristophe, it’s Paul from RHE – I understand you’re looking for a wheel change jack?” and just as I’m about to go into my impressive “I recall you use B757s, so you’ll need a 30 tonnes jack lifting from 11 to 16 inches…we can supply one for £loadsamoney*.” spiel, he stops me and says:

    “Oh no, we just wanted to know if you can repair them.”


    So basically, I’ve just wasted 10 minutes doing something Corina could have dealt with in 3 seconds…but I’m not bitter – hot, sweaty, but not bitter.

    Give it half hour or so and I’m gonna confuse her with:

    “I’m going for a short walk, a session on the step machine and colonic irrigation.”

    She’ll most likely ask in a puzzled manner “Going to the gym?”, and I’ll reply:

    “Nope, I’m off for a shit.”


    I thank you.

    * Go on then, I’ll let you have one for £3000

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    0 thoughts on “Same ol', same ol'

    1. I feel for ya. My boss just called (from our main home office) and asked for me to send him a fax (just a test) so I did. He called back and wanted to know why I hadn’t sent it yet…well I did I tell him. He says “did you dial a one before with the number?” BLANK STARE! Yeah I did, but the fact he asked me is like I’m stupid….UGH! They are having problems on their end, not mine! I would have blogged about this on my page, but I can’t get to it…I can see yours and Whabs’ page, but since they blocked everything at work, (I can see your page with no color scheme or picutres- but I can, however, see your smiling face below) So I guess word press is blocked. Bastards!

    2. Sends you an email 😉

    3. hack the bastards for her snee 🙂
      I can see Bu’er’s Blog from my back porch.
      I can see Russia too.

    4. I can see clearly now the rain has gone,
      I can see all obstacles…oh, wait.

      Never mind 😐

    5. lol she sees it from her back porch!! I want to come to your state to visit whabs! Always wanted to go there….maybe some day!

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